Blood Angels Wip 1

First squad of a new army I am working on.

Farsight Tau Army for sale!

I am selling my Farsight Tau army which I´ve been collecting and playing for the last year. Everything is in good condition and painted to a good tabletop standard. You´ll get everything you can see on the pictures and in case you want a special unit or model in the same colour sheme that is not already in the army I can add and paint it for you.

The army consists of:
- Commander farsight (converted from Tau battlesuit commander)
- Battlesuit commander (two magnetised weapon slots)
- 3 Crisis battlesuits, each with two Fusionblasters
- 3 Crisis battlesuits, each with two missile pods
- 3 Crisis battlesuits, each with two magnetised weapon slots
- 6 Firewarriors
- 10 Pathfinders (2 ion rifles, 3 railrifles)
- 3 Broadside battlesuits with railgun, plasmarifle and 3 magnetised seeker missiles
- 3 Broadside battlesuits with high yield missile pods, smart missiles and 2 magnetised seeker missiles
- 3 Forgeworld XV9 battlesuits, each with two twin linked burst cannons
- 1 Riptide with heavy burst cannon and smart missiles
- 2 Riptides with ion accelerator and twin linked fusionblaster
- 1 Riptide with ion accelerator and twin linked plasma rifle
- 1 Forgeworld XV109 Y´Vahra battlesuit
- 2 Hammerhead/Skyray tanks with smart missiles
- 2 recon drones
- 12 marker drones
- 6 missile drones
- 4 shield drones
- 2 shielded missile drones
- 1 scratch built sensor tower grid

In case you are interested in this army, want more pictures or have any other question just get in touch with me.