The raging Goblin

A painted version of this sculpt

It was cast by kabuki Models

MK-13 Work in Progress

Something I am currently working on...after a long time without sculpting anything. It stands about 30mm tall.

Blood and Snow

 The fantasy version of that one Duke of Bavaria
The sculpt


I sculpted the mini back in 2010 (Grimgore I), revised it some months ago...and will perhaps paint it this summer....
35 mm. Green Stuff.

Hope you like it, si.

Bretonnian in colour

I sculpted the mini back in 2010 and now it was brilliantly painted by Massimo Pasquali. Thank you again Massimo!

- More of Massimo´s great work
- The sculpt

The "Worst" Avenger?!...

He "fights" for the weak...the nasty, the filthy, the wimps and the posers....

Green-Stuff. About 15mm tall, and it was great fun to sculpt him.

Hope you like it, si.

The Saint

A Grey-Knight Spacemarine. It stands about 30 mm tall and was sculpted with Milliput, Green-Stuff and some lead and plastic sheet.

Besides Games-Workshop´s miniatures and artwork I was mainly inspired by a great miniature from David Waeselynck (Akilless).

I hope you like it and of course any comment is very welcome.

Thank´s for looking, si.

- The process